How to get rid of foot pain before calling your doctor

Our feet are very important to us, and we can get some pain in our feet from sprains and strains, but it isn’t always best for calling your pain doctor. There are a lot of different types of foot injuries that you can do to try to cure your foot pain yourself, before calling your doctor. Here are some ways on how to get rid of your foot pain before you are calling your doctor.

Hot and cold water therapy

If you have hurt your food, hot and cold water pain therapy can relief the pain fast. The hot water is to promote the blood flow and the cold water is for reducing inflammation. You must apply the hot pad or hot water for at least ten minutes. And then you must apply the ice pack or cold water for ten minutes. Do this at least two to three times, until your feet do feel better.

Vinegar for sprains or strains

Vinegar is used in various treatments. It can also help for foot pain from a sprain or strain. Vinegar is great for pain management because it reduces the inflammation in your sore foot. You just fill a bucket with hot water. Add about two tablespoons in the bucket of hot water. Soak your feet in the water for about twenty minutes. This will bring relief in your foot pain.visit the

Epson salt for pain relief

For fast pain relief and to help soothe your feet, you can soak your foot in a bucket of hot water with about three tablespoons of Epson salt. The Epson salt is basically magnesium and magnesium helps in relaxing the foot and help for pain management.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a source of capsaicin. Capsaicin is a known pain therapy to relieve muscle aches and pains like arthritis, muscle strains, lower back pain and aching feet. You just add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a half bucket full of water and let your feet soaked for a couple of minutes. Doing this will have a soothing effect and will give you relief from foot pain.



Something that most people don’t know is the fact that Sage leaves are a good pain management herb. If you have foot pain because of a strain, sprain or just some soreness, you can make a tea from a handful of sage leaves and a cup of apple cider vinegar. Soak a cloth in the warm tea and hold it against your sore feet. Repeat this process until your feel relief from your foot pain.

These treatments are for mild foot pain from sprains, strains and other types of light foot injury. If you have tried these treatments and it doesn’t bring relief or if you are a diabetic, you must go to your doctor. But, before you are calling your doctor, it is best to try these treatments for the pain management of your feet.

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